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  1. Are you open on the weekends? No. Our office is closed; However, there are cram courses being taught twice a month.
  2. How long are my completion certificates good? 180 days from the completion date
  3. If you allow your completion certificate to expire, what do you do? You will need to return to Morton-Barber Learning Center and repeat the entire course again.
  4. Can I come back and sit in on the course that I have already taken? Yes, it has to be within a year and there is a $50 review fee. If it has been over a year, you will have to pay the full price.
  5. I took the self-study course with Morton-Barber Learning Center and now I would like to take the live class, can I get a discounted price? Yes. there is a $50 discount if you have registered and taken the self-study within the past year.
  6. How long is your fingerprinting good for Life & Health/ Property & Casualty with the ODI (Ohio Department of Insurance)? 12 months
  7. Is there a waiting period to retake your state exam for Life & Health or Property & Casualty? No.
  8. How many times can I retake my state exam? As many times as it takes to pass it.
  9. How much does it cost to take the state exam for Life & Health or Property & Casualty? $49.95 every time you take the exam.
  10. Will the test center take and keep my completion certificates when I take the exam? Only if you pass. If you fail, the test center will give you back your completion certificates to  use the next time you take the exam.
  11. What happens if I forget to bring my completion certificate? The testing site will not allow you to take your exam, and they will keep you $49.95.
  12. If I need to cancel and reschedule my state examination, how long of a notice do I need to give? 3 full business days or you will lose money.
  13. For the Life & Health or the Property and Casualty classes, do I need to be in attendance for the entire time period? Yes, you cannot miss or be late. The ODI (Ohio Department of Insurance) requires that you make up the missed time during the next available classes being offered.
  14. If I have enrolled in class and need to cancel , will I receive a refund? PLEASE SEE REFUND POLICY
    1. 100%- 30 days prior to the date of class
    2. 50% 10-30 days prior to class
    3. NO REFUND less than 10 days prior to class
    4. There is NO REFUND for self-study
  15. Can I get the book for the class prior to the class starting? Yes, if you have paid for the class in full.
  16. How m any Continuing Education (CE) hours do I need to keep my license active? 24 CE hours. 3 of these CE hours have to be Ethics courses.
  17. How often am I required to take the 24 hours of Continuing Education (CE) to renew my license? Every 2 years.
  18. What is my deadline to complete the 24 hours of Continuing Education (CE)? You have to have all 24 hours completed by the last day of your  birth month and submitted to the ODI (Ohio Department of Insurance)
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Self-Study students will complete the training at their own pace.  EXAM FX will become your provider,  and they will be your online proctor for the pre-test (an online student cannot take their proctored exam at Morton-Barber Learning Center).  You will receive your registration form from EXAM FX. You will also receive your completion certificates from them through the mail.  For online study only, link to the EXAM FX WEBSITE HERE:   ExamFX Online Class Link

A self-study student may acquire the Exam FM textbooks using the online or manual registration methods.

Self-Study Courses:

  • Life, Accident & Health
  • Life
  • Health
  • Property & Casualty

The course includes 2000 online question practice exams.

Methods to Enroll


  1. Purchase the textbook online from Morton-Barber Learning


  1. Complete a Registration Form as required by the Ohio Dept. of Insurance
  2. Mail the Enrollment Form
  3. Payment in full
    1. $8 shipping fee


  • All self-study students must pass a Screening Exam at the Morton Barber Learning Center
  • Certificates are issued the day of testing
  • The completion certificate is required to take the state exam.
  • Onsite proctored exams are available, by appointment only.
    • Tuesdays/Wednesdays/Thursdays at 10am or 2pm.

Failed Exams

  • You may retake the proctored exam.
  • Re-test fee $20.

Online Study Option

Morton Barber Learning is providing an exclusive online option through EXAM FX*.  The online study option is administered, proctored and tested through EXAM FX.  EXAM FX will also issue your certificate of completion.

For online study only:  ExamFX Online Class Link

*The Online Study Option cannot be proctored exam at Morton-Barber Learning Center.


Important Note: We only recommend the self-study option for candidates with prior insurance experience, or prepared to commit 40 hours of self-study.

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Continuing Education (CE)

If you take a Continuing Education (CE) course from Morton-Barber Learning Center, we will enter your CE credits.

You are responsible for renewing your own producer’s (agent’s) license with the State of Ohio.  See further details at:  www.insurance.ohio.gov.

State of Ohio Continuing Education Regulations

Each individual who is issued an Ohio resident insurance agent’s license shall complete the following:

  • 24 hours of continuing education
    • 3 of the 24 hours must be approved ethics training
  • in each license renewal period.
  • You shall apply biennially for a renewal of the license on or before the last day of your birth month.

How to check your License/Expiration Date & CE Transcript

To view the expiration date of your license:

  1. Open insurance.ohio.gov
  2. Select “Agents/Agencies – How do I…
  3. Select “Find the Agent/Agency Locator
  4. Search for your information by entering your name or your National Producer Number or your Agent’s License number.
    1. For best results, enter 1 of these items, but not all 3
  5. Retrieve your license information Save and Print your CE transcript.


Contact the office for enrollment.


Phone our office at 614-885-2800 Monday – Friday between 7:30 am – 5:30 pm and provide the information requested on the enrollment form






Morton-Barber Learning Center, 6827 North High Street, Suite #10, Worthington, OH  43085


As a convenience, fingerprinting for Ohio Life, Accident & Health and Property & Casualty licensing exams is available to our students during all “live” classes at a reduced fee.